Pinnacle FAQ’s

Pinnacle FAQ’s

Pinnacle FAQ's

Does Pinnacle have a vinyl layer glued to the top like other waterproof flooring?

No. Pinnacle has a perfectly stable mineral core board. This core board, coupled with the newest digital printing technology, ensures extreme durability.

Is Pinnacle flooring suitable for a home with pets?

Pinnacle is guaranteed against domestic pet stains. We warrant Pinnacle will not stain from domestic cat or dog stains, including urine, feces, and vomit, providing it is cleaned within 24 hours.

How is Pinnacle with sound transmission?

Pinnacle has an Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating of 69. A rating of 50 or above is considered good. This rating deals with impact noise transmitted through a floor/ceiling system such as footfalls, chair scrapes, dropped objects, etc. This makes Pinnacle is ideal for two-story residences or anywhere a quieter floor is desired.

Is Pinnacle safe?

Pinnacle is safe for you and your loved ones. All Pinnacle floors are subjected to rigorous tests by third-party laboratories that are designed to ensure all Pinnacle products meet the highest standards and do not harm interior air quality. This means our products do not release harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into living environments. Pinnacle is also free of harmful plasticizers, such as ortho-phthalates.

This rigorous control has resulted in The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute to certify all Pinnacle floors worldwide with its highest certification: GREENGUARD Gold.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification offers the strictest certification criteria, considering safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. It is referenced by both the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.

How much will Pinnacle move with humidity changes?

Pinnacle is completely stable. The floor is not affected by humidity or moisture.

Are Pinnacle floors suitable for wheelchairs or motorized chairs?

Pinnacle floors can be used in homes where wheelchairs are needed, but Pinnacle should NOT be applied to ramps. We recommend gluing down joints when motorized chairs will be used.

Pinnacle planks are 100% waterproof. Is the foam backing or sound-absorbing pad also waterproof?

Yes, the entire plank, including the backing, is 100% waterproof.

Is Pinnacle recyclable?

Pinnacle can be 100% recycled by a company with adequate equipment for separating the different materials used.

How often does the wood grain patterns repeat?

Most manufacturers will repeat their pattern every 8 to 20 planks. Planks characteristics like knots might seem to repeat more often but they will be placed on a different area of the next plank. our repeat pattern in 1 in 11 planks. To prevent repeats, lay out all planks before installation and swap planks around to add variation on where knots and grain design look uniform. This will provide a more natural look to your layout.


Can I install my Pinnacle floor myself?

Yes. Our rigid planks and tiles allow for floating installation over many existing floors. The clickable installation is suitable for the average DIY installer. Click here for installation instructions.

Who can install my Pinnacle floor?

Your local Pinnacle retailer will provide professional installation services. Our Angle-Tap floating installation will keep installation costs lower than many other types of flooring.

What tools will I need to install Pinnacle floors?

The necessities are a hammer, tapping block and a pull bar. We highly recommend using 3/8-inch spacers and a crosscut power saw with a blade suitable for plastics. Other basics to have on hand include a pencil, chalk line and tape measure.

Can Pinnacle be glued down?

Yes. Pinnacle can be installed with any standard, pressure sensitive LVT glue.

Where can Pinnacle floors be installed?

Our 100% waterproof planks and tiles can be installed in any room of your home with no room size limitations due to its industry-leading stability.

Can Pinnacle floors be installed over radiant heat?


Can I install Pinnacle floors outdoors?


Do I need an underlayment?

No. Pinnacle planks and tiles have an attached organic acoustic underlayment layer that provides sound and temperature insulation while naturally resisting mold and mildew. It is completely waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Can an additional underlayment be installed with Pinnacle?

Yes. Pinnacle already has superior sound properties, but if an additional underlayment is required, only high-density underlayments, with a density of 25 lbs. per cubic foot or greater, are allowed.

Do I need to leave expansion space?

Yes. Everything in your home expands and contracts with temperature changes. Even though Pinnacle is a completely dimensionally stable product, a 3/8-inch space next to walls and adjoining hardwood floors or other fixed objects such as kitchen furniture, etc. is required.

Can Pinnacle be installed over existing flooring?

Yes. Pinnacle can be installed directly over most existing hard-surface flooring. The exceptions are carpet, laminate, floating floors (not glued down) of any type, loose lay, and perimeter fastened sheet vinyl. These types of flooring should be removed prior to installing Pinnacle. You can also install over ceramic tiles. Existing floors still must meet level requirements, which is no more than a 1/4 difference in a 10-foot span. Please see Pinnacle installation instructions for further details.

Does Pinnacle require a moisture barrier?

A polyethylene moisture barrier can be used but is not required. The slippery plastic sheeting will make it easier to slide flooring into place. Although this floor is waterproof, it is not meant to be used as a moisture barrier. The subfloor must be dry (max 2.5% moisture content - CM method). If installing over a concrete basement floor, a 6-mil polyethylene moisture barrier is required to prevent potential mold growth on the existing floor due to trapped moisture. It won’t affect Pinnacle but will affect your home.

For bathroom installations, how should Pinnacle be installed around the toilet? Are there any caulking specifications for areas you can't cover with a trim piece, such as around showers and tubs?

Unlike other floating floor products Pinnacle can be installed under the toilet and caulked in. For caulking, use a flexible silicone caulk.

Can I install kitchen cabinets directly over my Pinnacle floor?

Unlike other floating floor products Pinnacle can be installed under your kitchen cabinets. Leave the required expansion space around the perimeter of the room; walls can potentially move from thermal expansion and contraction.

Can I install Pinnacle on a wall or ceiling?

No, we do not recommend it be installed on walls or ceilings because of the organic acoustic underlayment.


When the last piece is installed, what's next?

Sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt and grit. Then, lightly damp mop with a well-wrung mop. Always use sliding pads when moving furniture or other heavy objects across the floor.

How do I clean my Pinnacle floor?

We recommend a pH neutral floor cleaner like Armstrong Once-N-Done. Do not wax, seal, or use wood care products as they can leave a film that traps dirt.

Can I steam clean my floor?

Yes, you can steam clean a Pinnacle floor.

Will my Pinnacle floor need polishing?

No. Pinnacle will retain its luster. If the floor is dull or dirty, use a neutral pH floor cleaner that can be purchased at most home centers, hardware, or grocery stores.

My floor has scuff marks and scratches. What can I do to remove them?

Pinnacle is scratch resistant, but if the pH neutral cleaner is not removing difficult tough scratches, planks can be removed and replaced by a qualified installer.

Does Pinnacle flooring have an odor?

There may be a slight odor after installation, but this will have no effect on indoor air quality and will dissipate over time.

Can I install Pinnacle flooring in my basement?

Yes. However, you must use a moisture proof, 6-mil polyethylene moisture vapor barrier. If you use a Tramex Moisture Meter and the level is 0%-2%, no moisture barrier is required. A moisture barrier is required with a 2% level or above. Due to the potential for mold growth, we do not recommend installing Pinnacle with a 5% or above level.

Can I use rugs or mats on my Pinnacle floor?

Yes. We recommend non-staining vinyl-backed mats or woven rugs. We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats because the chemical (antioxidant) used to keep the backing from becoming brittle can permanently stain your floor.

If water slips through the bevels, can it damage the subfloor?

The planks themselves are waterproof, but once installed they do not provide a fully airtight surface. Water can still slip through the bevels if left over 24 hours. Water spillage (as is the case in bathrooms and kitchens) won’t damage the floor but standing water must always be avoided. We recommend cleaning up water spillage as soon as possible, before 24 hours pass.

Do I need to wax my Pinnacle floor?

No. Pinnacle resists staining, is easy to clean, and requires no waxing. Waxing is not compatible with this product and using wax will void warranty.

How do I replace a damaged flooring panel?

Replacing sections or entire planks is a procedure that should only be done by floor installation professionals. We recommend purchasing a few extra Pinnacle planks in case some need replacing.

What type of chair protectors can I use on a Pinnacle floor?

Support furniture with wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors. Ideally, the protectors should be at least 1 inch in diameter, made of non-pigmented, hard plastic and rest flat on the floor. Non-staining felt protectors are also acceptable. Casters with a minimum 3/4-inch flat surface width or floor protectors are recommended for all moveable furniture. Make sure any metal protectors are rustproof. Replace narrow-dome furniture rests with wide-bearing rests.

How do I remove challenging stains?

Use lukewarm water and a non-abrasive cleaner for chocolate, grease, juice, and wine stains.

I'm not happy with my floor. How do I make a claim?

If you feel that you have a warranty-related problem, take your original purchase receipt back to the retailer where you purchased the floor and file a warranty claim. The store will contact us to begin the warranty process. An inspector may come to your home to evaluate the conditions and determine what caused the problem., You will be contacted with the results once an evaluation is complete. The process could take up to 20-30 business days, depending on the circumstances, although most issues are resolved much faster.